"The mission of the Ty Foundation is to keep Ty's spirit of empowering people, enhancing education and giving back to the community.



The family of the late Ty Drinkard established this Scholarship and Foundation  to honor his memory and establish a legacy to assist students in need of financial support.

"The mission of the Ty Foundation is to keep Ty's spirit of empowering people, enhancing education and giving back to the community.

Ty had aspirations of playing Baseball at a Collegiate level or becoming an Electrician upon graduating from Baldwin County High School in 2022.

The Ty Foundation provides scholarships to a deserving student. The student must have a 2.5. cumulative grade point average (GPA). to be considered for the scholarship. The scholarship can assist with tuition, fees, books, and supplies.



Ty Drinkard was born on August 31, 2004 and left his Earthly home on June 21, 2020. Family and friends were blessed to have loved, shared, and cherished Ty for his 15 years on this Earth. Ty was welcomed into Heaven with open arms by his Heavenly Father and a few of his dearest childhood friends. Ty, was a longtime resident of Perdido, Alabama.

Ty was the pride and joy of his parents Daphne Stamps (Marlin) and Tyler Drinkard. Their baby boy entered this world shining his light and always enjoyed sharing joy with others. Since Ty was a baby, he has melted our hearts and warmed our souls with his wide smile, dimples, and crazy shenanigans. Ty was an old soul and understood the importance of being authentic. Ty loved his family, he loved his community, and he loved his friends. Truth be known, Ty loved life and he made the most of days by living every fleeting second-BIG. Ty was infectious and anyone that met him could not help but feel the love he radiated.

From the time Ty could walk he could be found in a handful of places- knee deep in red dirt on a baseball field, in the woods hunting, on the water fishing, or being his Uncle Patrick’s sidekick. Ty proudly played for the Baldwin County High School Baseball Team since 2018. Ty worked hard to mentor young players. He was the first to share his hat, glove, or tidbit if it meant he could encourage others by spreading his love and passion for the game. Ty’s hard work on and off the field paid off. Ty was named Perdido’s Athlete of the Year and he was invited to play travel ball. Ty’s travel ball team, Blaze, was coached by one of his beloved mentors, Jamie Jaye. Anyone who had the privilege to watch Ty in action knew he was destined for greatness. Family, friends, and coaches knew we would see Ty playing on the big screen one day. 

 When Ty was not playing baseball, you could find him hunting, trapping, or fishing with his beloved Uncle Patrick. Hog hunting was his favorite, but our boy loved all of God’s bounties.

One can only assume that Ty’s Earthly light shined so bright, because he was destined to be a star. Our hearts are forever broken yet they are full-full of memories and everlasting love. We find peace knowing our baby boy is now a star in the biggest game of life Ty  is a star in God’s kingdom.



Ty Drinkard Scholarship Recipient

Please meet Jay Allen Malone. He is the recipient of the Ty Drinkard Memorial Scholarship. Mr. Malone is a Bishop State student majoring in electrical technology. He graduated from Saraland High School with a 3.3 GPA. While in high school Mr. Malone was a member of the student council, a volunteer reader at Saraland Elementary School, a youth leader at First Baptist Church, a state delegate for The University of Alabama and a Louisiana State youth delegate. Congratulations to Jay! I am so thankful for the Bishop State Foundation allowing me to honor my son with this scholarship. Thank you to everyone who donated to Ty’s scholarship fund, your generosity is helping others.

                    August 26, 2020 


Baldwin County High School 

The Ty foundation was established a little over a month ago.   This first donation is very special! We decided to donate to Mrs Childress, Ty’s former beloved teacher and the Tiger Den.  Mrs Childress became Ty’s intervention teacher in 9th grade.  I knew instantly as a parent she was very special.  Her love for her students just wasn’t during school hours. She is the teacher that text you after hours, calls if your child misses school, and goes over and beyond for her students. She was so much more than just a teacher to Ty. She was his mentor and like his second mother.  The Tiger Den was also very special to Ty.  Since his passing teachers told me Ty would often leave class early and they would find him visiting with the students in the tiger den or playing basketball during PE.

Thank you for all of your continued support. We will have another special donation next week.

The mission of the Ty Foundation is to keep Ty's spirit of empowering people, enhancing education and giving back to the community. We couldn’t do it without you. Thank you all. 

“ You hope as a teacher to be able to teach your students while they are in school but Ty taught me more lessons. He taught me to not take life so seriously and to really enjoy today...don’t take a day for granted. He really helped to balance my life and enjoy each day...the good and the bad.” Melanie Childress

November 12, 2020

Perdido School 

The Ty Foundation serves as a mission to help others but also allows his family to share his legacy with those he loved. We know Ty would be so proud that his legacy is being used to support a school that loved, supported, disciplined, encouraged, shaped his mind and spirit, and worked to build his foundation as an athlete throughout his entire childhood. It is a honor to make this donation to The Perdido Football team. We want to encourage each of these boys to use this opportunity to be a light for Ty’s legacy. We hope this motivates them to become the hardest worker in the classroom, on the field, and in the game of life. We pray these boys remember Ty each time they take the field and show up with the same effort, determination, and grit Ty exemplified every time he played a game.  ◦


The Ty Foundation made a special delivery this morning (12/7/2020)  to Perdido School: 350 books were handed out to teachers from Pre-K to fourth grade to distribute to each child in their class. Helping to make the deliveries were Ty's cousins Hunter Smith, Kam Drinkard, Mary Blake Drinkard, Harper Hicks and his siblings Miles Stamps and Sophia Drinkard.
The Ty Foundation was established a few months ago in memory of Ty Drinkard who was tragically killed in an automobile accident on Father’s Day 2020. Its mission is to keep alive Ty’s spirit of empowering people, enhancing education and giving back to the community.


            2020 TOY DRIVE


Kelly and Chad Lambeth

The Ty Foundation received a special donation from Kelly and Chad Lambeth owners of Premier Family Care Clinic. Their generosity  will help spread the mission of The Ty Foundation throughout our beloved community.  Thanks Kelly and Chad❤️ Check our their website. https://premierfamilycareclinic.com


We have created t-shirts hats and sweatshirts for purchase.   On the the back of the t shirts we wanted to have a design that described Ty and what better way to do that then to have a picture of his beloved dog Buddy. He wasn’t just a dog to Ty it was his best friend and hunting buddy.



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