The Ty foundation was established a little over a month ago.   This first donation is very special! We decided to donate to Mrs Childress, Ty’s former beloved teacher and the Tiger Den.  Mrs Childress became Ty’s intervention teacher in 9th grade.  I knew instantly as a parent she was very special.  Her love for her students just wasn’t during school hours. She is the teacher that text you after hours, calls if your child misses school, and goes over and beyond for her students. She was so much more than just a teacher to Ty. She was his mentor and like his second mother.  The Tiger Den was also very special to Ty.  Since his passing teachers told me Ty would often leave class early and they would find him visiting with the students in the tiger den or playing basketball during PE.

Thank you for all of your continued support. We will have another special donation next week.

The mission of the Ty Foundation is to keep Ty's spirit of empowering people, enhancing education and giving back to the community. We couldn’t do it without you. Thank you all. 

“ You hope as a teacher to be able to teach your students while they are in school but Ty taught me more lessons. He taught me to not take life so seriously and to really enjoy today...don’t take a day for granted. He really helped to balance my life and enjoy each day...the good and the bad.” Melanie Childress

November 12, 2020

Perdido School 

The Ty Foundation serves as a mission to help others but also allows his family to share his legacy with those he loved. We know Ty would be so proud that his legacy is being used to support a school that loved, supported, disciplined, encouraged, shaped his mind and spirit, and worked to build his foundation as an athlete throughout his entire childhood. It is a honor to make this donation to The Perdido Football team. We want to encourage each of these boys to use this opportunity to be a light for Ty’s legacy. We hope this motivates them to become the hardest worker in the classroom, on the field, and in the game of life. We pray these boys remember Ty each time they take the field and show up with the same effort, determination, and grit Ty exemplified every time he played a game.  ◦


The Ty Foundation made a special delivery this morning (12/7/2020)  to Perdido School: 350 books were handed out to teachers from Pre-K to fourth grade to distribute to each child in their class. Helping to make the deliveries were Ty's cousins Hunter Smith, Kam Drinkard, Mary Blake Drinkard, Harper Hicks and his siblings Miles Stamps and Sophia Drinkard.
The Ty Foundation was established a few months ago in memory of Ty Drinkard who was tragically killed in an automobile accident on Father’s Day 2020. Its mission is to keep alive Ty’s spirit of empowering people, enhancing education and giving back to the community.


            2020 TOY DRIVE

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WPMI) — Earlier this year, two Baldwin County mothers, Elizabeth Shackleford and Daphne Stamps, each lost a son in the Father's day car accident this year.
Today marks six months to the day that Ty Drinkard an Blayne Shackleford passed away. For both families and their friends a toy drive to help deserving kids have a merry Christmas is only the beginning.
For them what happened in tragedy is now a source of strength. It’s the reason this group gathered at the Baldwin County Child Advocacy Center today.
Toy after toy with money raised and "in kind donations," all in honor of Ty and Blayne, two Bay Minette teens who died in a one car accident on County Road 29 in Baldwin County last June.
"We can’t do anything to bring our boys back but we can help others, we can go and speak to high school students about making good choices that the only thing that we can do," said Daphne Stamps Ty's Mother.
The toy drive and other fund raising events for scholarships are designed to help others. It’s about giving but it’s also about healing.
"It’s easier for us to get up in the morning and when we know that we have something to do that day that honors them whether its speaking to the students or coming here to deliver the toys it’s give us a reason to get up and to keep going," said Elizabeth Shackelford.
Nine-year old Harper Hicks, Ty's cousin saved up $83 doing chores to buy toys .
"I have this little jar and I've been saving up for a little while and this was my second year doing it I usually give it to the church," said Hicks.
"We're just doing the best we can to try and help anybody and if we can talk about our boys and help one person then that's what we're doing," said Stamps.

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Saraland High School

A couple of weeks ago, Daphne Stamps and Elizabeth Shackelford were asked to speak at the Saraland High School prom assembly on the importance of making good decisions. While there they met Ariel Dixon, a senior.

Ariel told them about the club she just started called S.A.D.D (Students Against Drunk Driving). It is a club at Saraland High School to provide a sense of belonging to students and it provides them with the resources they need to make positive decisions. It focuses not only on drunk driving, but distracted driving will also be focused on so students can successfully confront the risks and pressures that they are faced with everyday.

The Ty Foundation made a visit to the school today and Danyell Hicks and Daphne Stamps presented the check to SADD for $500

Thank you Ariel Dixon for taking the

initiative to make a difference.



On behalf of the families of Ty Drinkard and Blayne Shackelford, we would like to thank Hoil Boutwell, owner of HB Masonry, for donating his time and skills towards the construction of the new wall ball at the city league baseball fields. We would also like to thank The City of Bay Minette, North Baldwin Utilities and the Bay Minette Youth Baseball league for the donation of the supplies. Ty and Blayne grew up playing city league baseball. We are grateful to have so many memories of them here at the park. We are blessed by these community members. Thank you for honoring our son’s legacies. We hope it brings much joy to the children of our wonderful city



wrestling donation.jpg

The Ty foundation made a very special donation to the Baldwin County Wrestling team in honor of Damien Singleton. Damien Singleton passed away in April of 2020. Damian was a student at Baldwin County High School, a valuable member of the BCHS wrestling team, and one of Ty's beloved friends. The Ty Foundation wanted to honor their friendship and give back to a sport that Damian loved.
Tayler Drinkard, Ty's sister, presented the check to Miranda Singleton, Damian's sister, and Joiner Stewart Baldwin County High School's wrestling coach.