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I went to middle school with ty and the many times I would see him in the hall he was always laughing and just making everyone crack up. He was definitely the sweetest and funniest person I’ve ever been around. He never failed to make someone smile.

Reece Roberts

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I have plenty of memories but my favorite memory is when I was going through a bad break up Ty would take it out his day to come sit with me during lunch every single day and tell me I was his girlfriend. Him and Kylie helped me a lot getting over it. I really miss him and he will never ever be forgotten long as I have breath in me!

Kris Hollie

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Every morning I would take him to school and we listened the same song every morning and he just made my morning so much better. He was the closest thing I had to a brother and was my best friend since 6th grade. My mom made him breakfast and I would take it to him and he would eat it in the car or save it for later.

Allie Brock

Samantha Rodgers.jfif

Ty was a one of a kind person. He always knew how to put a smile on everyone’s face. He also was there for you when you needed him. Anytime I was down he was always there asking if I was okay and in the end of our conversation he always made sure I left smiling.

Samantha Rogers


Growing up me and Ty were extremely close. He was my next door neighbor who eventually became one of my best friends and one of the people who made a huge impact on my life. Ty taught me how to play basketball, everyday after school me, him, and aspen would all hangout at his basketball goal and shoot. He use to encourage me so much. I always said I was the worst but he never allowed me to down myself. It was such a blessing to know someone as amazing as ty.

Alyssa Long


I will always remember the day at Swim Practice when Ty jumped off the big blue slide into the water and Coach Zeb hollered at him. He was always cutting up & making us laugh!

Kenneth Weatherford

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I love love his smile and how he could literally walk into any room and crack some silly joke and make anyone laugh. Even if you didn’t know him all to well he was such a people person. He truly loved everyone. Good really gained a good one. I’m glad mamas got someone to keep her some company.

Alyssa Kleinatland


"This is a Testimonial. Let your customers tell the world how great you are."

Blakeley Norris


We was riding the four wheeler behind Tys house with Alyssa Long and Kody Cox and Ty ran me into a tree branch and it made my eye swell up and had pus coming out for a few days

Lauren Amos


My favorite memory of Ty is when they all came over to our house at Lake Martin and Broc and Ty thought they found an ice chest in the water but it ended up actually been a trash can.

River Bryant

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I had a class with Ty last year for a couple weeks until they moved me. He was funny and very respectful. I remember always wanting to be his friend. I really only talked to him when he asked to borrow my charger because I was shy, but I prayed so hard for him both times he was in an accident. Afterwards, I prayed for his whole family for a long time.

Emma Overstreet


One time I asked Ty to tie my cleat for me at soccer practice and I wasn’t really paying attention, but when I went to step away I fell and realized he had tied them together. We laughed for the rest of practice about it.

Jayla Bryars

August 26, 2020
Please meet Jay Allen Malone. He is the recipient of the Ty Drinkard Memorial Scholarship. Mr. Malone is a Bishop State student majoring in electrical technology. He graduated from Saraland High School with a 3.3 GPA. While in high school Mr. Malone was a member of the student council, a volunteer reader at Saraland Elementary School, a youth leader at First Baptist Church, a state delegate for The University of Alabama and a Louisiana State youth delegate. Congratulations to Jay! I am so thankful for the Bishop State Foundation allowing me to honor my son with this scholarship. Thank you to everyone who dontated to Ty’s scholarship fund, your generosity is helping others.

Jay Malone